First Baptist Church – Greenville, SC

Peritus has been involved with multiple projects at the First Baptist Church in Greenville.  The chilled water project included improvements to the existing chilled water distribution system and integration of a new chilled water plant to supplement the existing main chilled water loop.  This project resulted in increased chilled water capacity and improved energy efficiency.
In a separate project, Peritus provided the HVAC and plumbing design for the new Activities Center.  The 2-story, 40,000 SF facility includes a multi-purpose gym with a full-size basketball court, fitness rooms, locker rooms, classrooms, offices and a concession area.  Our scope of work included the following: connection of the new building HVAC system to main building system, replacement of the existing chiller and reconfiguration of the piping systems to provide additional tonnage for the new facility extensions

Northside Baptist Church – Greenwood, SC

Northside Baptist Church in Greenwood, SC is a 48,087 SF facility that includes a sanctuary with theater style seating to accommodate approximately 1,200 people.  The support areas include an information area, a coffee bar, a book store and a guest service desk.  Our scope of work consisted of approximately 75 HP of boiler and 250 tons of chilled water along with primary/secondary pumping and additional tonnage for future use.
Photos provided courtesy of LS3P.

Simpsonville First Baptist Church – Simpsonville, SC

The new sanctuary for Simpsonville First Baptist Church is located in downtown Simpsonville.  The facility is approximately 35,800 SF and is comprised of a 1,200 seat auditorium, lobby area, orchestra and choir practice rooms. Peritus provided the HVAC and plumbing design which included the addition of approximately 40 HP of boiler along with 160 tons of chilled water.  An additional 37 ton chilled water system was also included to assist with cooling demands.
Photos provided courtesy of Simpsonville First Baptist Church.

Calvary Baptist Church

The Calvary Baptist Church project consisted of the construction of a 48,475 SF, 2-story facility which included a 1450 seat sanctuary with adjoining fellowship spaces. Peritus Engineers’ participation in the project included comprehensive engineering design of the HVAC and plumbing systems.  The HVAC design included the following systems: split system heat pumps, split system air conditioners, roof top gas  fired air conditioners and a roof top variable volume unit.  The plumbing design included multiple toilet areas, baptistery, classrooms and roof drainage systems.
Photos provided courtesy of LS3P.